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Founder & Professional Smart-Ask

Andrew’s start in the business world began all the way back when he was just ten years of age. After seeing how hard his father worked in his own business, Andrew decided he would be a rock salesman. 

He sourced inventory from the driveway gravel and made an absolute killing whenever family friends would come to visit. Yes, my friends He began his journey selling rocks from the ground beneath him. The rest, the say is history…

“Keep moving forward and never stop.”
Andrew’s Philosophy
Founder & Personal Trainer



I was never huge into school. Not wanting to disappoint my family I enrolled in Engineering School in Richmond VA at VCU. I enjoyed my time so much, that I ended up taking a victory lap and finished my 4-year degree in a speedy 5 years!


The very first thing I did was get certified by Google for free in running paid advertisements in Search and Display Ads. I have sense decided to focus on organic methods but I am a lifelong learner and enjoy staying up to date on everything marketing.

Why SEO?

After marrying his wonderful wife Stephanie of Stephanie Jenkins Photography, her website was rebuilt and leads fell off a cliff. It was at that point, I decided to “figure out” how to generate more leads online for her business and began having a blast.


  • Coolest Dude You Know

  • Unwaveringly Transparent

  • Straight Shooter to a Fault