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Get your local business found on Google. We set up your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) listing and/or optimize it. After verification, we develop a personalized posting strategy for you and create regular content and help with boosting your ranking using Google Maps SEO tactics

$129 / month

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Why Is Getting Your Business on Google My Business So Important?

Local search is absolutely critical if you’re a local business serving a specific local area. Your competitors may be edging you out of the local Google search results (in the Google Local Pack) by better optimizing their listings and the user signals to them. You may not like it but local search will make or break your business! According to Hubspot “1 in 2 people who conduct a local search visit a store that [same] day“ That’s a lot of leverage to leave on the table to your competitors

Your listing not only massively increases exposure to your business, but it also boosts your credibility, traffic, and new customer leads. So if you want your business to rank on Google maps and local Google search results Catalyst RVA can help. Our optimization service helps you create a listing that will bring ALLL the boys and girls to the yard.

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The Catalyst RVA Maps SEO Process

  1. Initial discovery call
  2. We claim your Google Business Profile listing
  3. Help with verification of your profile
  4. Optimize your profile for your business
  5. Add optimized products & services
  6. Traffic development plans
  7. Review generation plans

Google Business Profiles also offer a direct line of communication

There are some really unique benefits of having a complete and optimized Google business account. Your Google Business Profile listing allows your potential and current customers to easily find useful information about your business and what services and products you offer your customers.

  • Direct Calls to your business from Google Maps
  • Direct Scheduling listings from Google Maps
  • Direct messaging can be enabled as well
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Benefits of Having an Optimized Google Business Profile

There are tons of benefits to using the google business profile and many different ways you can optimize your listing to benefit your Google Maps SEO strategy. Below are just a few of the different ways your maps listing helps your business locally!

Rank Locally

You can appear (rank) on local map results and local pack results by having a GBP.

Establish Credibility

Using Google business reviews, you can show prospective customers the credibility and value of your products and services.

Answer FAQs

Provide answers to your customers’ questions. This reduces confusion and enhances customer satisfaction.

Amazing Low Cost & ROI

With a little dedication, your Google profile can offer a big ROI. There are no subscription costs. You just need to make time for it or let us take care of it for you!

Built in Analytics

Views, search terms, audience demographics, traffic stats, engagement stats, and audience demographics can be found in the Google Business Profile dashboard.

Appointment Scheduling

Directly from your listing, customers can schedule an appointment or visit your bookings page.

SEO Benefits

Using Google Profiles offers free virtual real estate. Google My Business posts put helpful content, offers, events, etc., in front of local customers. Using the information in these posts will help Google better understand your business if your profile is linked to your website.

Google Business Profile FAQs

We know you have questions, and we would love to answer them but please check below for the fastest answers and we will keep this section updated regularly!

In order to set up your company’s Google Business listing you need to claim your business on Google. If you can’t find your business on Google you can alternatively search for “Google My Business” and create a new account. Google will let you search for your business. If it exists you can claim it. If it doesn’t come up you can create a listing.

Google Business Profile is a free service. You don’t have to pay a subscription or any other fees. The only costs that you will incur are the resources to set it up, manage it, and create content on it as part of your Google Maps SEO Campaign.

Creating a Google Maps listing is an excellent way for your business to appear on Google Maps and local search results. Optimizing your listing will improve your ranking. You will need to fill out every single field available, including the services, business information, description, set up your free website, add cover photos, other photos, videos, and keep posting on an ongoing basis.

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