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We offer a tailored citation creation service to each of our clients to improve local SEO. Citations are the foundational element of any local SEO strategy because they directly impact local SEO and rankings if you’re not aware of them.

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What are Local Citations?

You can get a huge boost using a local citation building service for your local search rankings by maintaining consistent NAP citations of your business on directories and other online resources. These references are considered a trust indicator by search engines such as Google. Consistent NAP citations can help you rank higher in local search results.

During our local citation-building service, we publish your business information to reputable local business directories to ensure accurate and consistent information about your company. Companies with a physical location that want to boost their local SEO can benefit greatly from local citation-building services.

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How does local citation building work?

After analyzing your current list, we add a variety of citations to help your company become better optimized for local SEO. These are general, regional, and niche-specific citations from directories with strong domain authority. Since each different type of citation gives Google specific information about your organization, having a diverse range of citations gives you the key building blocks to accomplishing local SEO.

 We also have a few sneaky citation sources we can incorporate into your campaign to set you apart from the masses. Many of the listings will take time to go completely live and index but a large number of them will index instantly to start getting your boost within a week of placing your order.

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All Submissions Are Manual

Our team will evaluate your company information after we have received your order and begin the submission process

No Duplicates

To prevent repetition, we will look for existing citations first. For higher NAP accuracy, if your current listing is insufficient, we’ll construct a new one based on the updated data you’ve provided.

Full Report of Submission

Viewing your submission report will allow you to see every single citation we have generated. Live lists and screenshots of contributions will be included in your report.

Data Aggregators

We can even hook you up with great pricing on submission to data aggregators around the United States. They will submit your information to TONS of additional directories for you!

Local citation creation FAQs

We know you have questions, and we would love to answer them but please check below for the fastest answers and we will keep this section updated regularly!

Building local citation services is beneficial for local rankings since it makes it easier to find consistent information about your company online. Internet consumers will be able to find your business when conducting local searches if your business information is reliable and distributed across a large number of business directories and local business listings.

You won’t be given preference in the SERPs if your website doesn’t appear genuine to search engine bots. Consistent NAP (name, address, and phone number) information increases your credibility and raises your website’s exposure in local search results.

Around 25% of the local directory submissions should instantly become live listings after they are finished. Different business directories will have different requirements for submission, and you might have to go through a more thorough review procedure that involves the directory validating your information with the owners over the phone, over email, or via letter. This will inevitably lengthen the time it takes for a placement to be accepted and may require some confirmation from you as the business owner.

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