Your keyword strategy is vital to your SEO success

Your keyword strategy will make or break your Local SEO campaign. We help our clients identify the highest ROI keywords to use for their blogging and page creation efforts to bring in new customers and change the face of their businesses!

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Why is local keyword research so important?

In order for your business website to begin ranking well on Google and the other search engines, you need to optimize your keywords! Keywords are words or phrases entered into Search engines as a query that could lead to new people discovering your business, products, or services. A SEO professional typically performs keyword research at the beginning of an SEO campaign to find the best and most valuable keywords for your business that potential customers are already searching for. 

By adding these keywords to your web pages and blogs, we can help ensure that your other content reaches potential clients to help grow your business. To succeed with SEO, keyword research is absolutely essential, and it is the cornerstone of the process as we use the data to help rank your business in local search.

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The Catalyst RVA keyword strategy process

Developing local keyword strategy begins with identifying a basic list of seed keywords. We like to use your services starting with the most profitable, as well as gaining insight into how your customers might search for your web page. Lastly, what you would like to be recognized for can also help us learn what keywords best fit your page.

Using a variety of keyword tools and research options, we will find out what potential searches may lead towards your business once we have this list of seed keywords. We will take this huge list and identify three final pieces of information to focus on. 

Each of your keywords will be analyzed for keyword search volume, monthly cost per click, and competition. When we’re developing your SEO strategy, this last step helps us figure out which keywords are most valuable. 

Finally, we can map those keywords to a specific post or page on your website. It can be a piece of content that is already published or one for the future as part of your marketing strategy. To develop more traffic, more leads, and more conversions, make sure that you leverage this crucial step in your SEO campaign. 

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Understanding keyword search intent

In addition, it is vital to understand search intent when conducting keyword research. One of the things you should do is match search intent with your keywords and keyword phrases. When you search for your keyword, the type of search results generated will typically be what determines what search content is generated.

The easiest way to identify search intent is to simply use Google as a tool to identify what the majority of searches want for certain search terms. You may need to reserve that keyword for another opportunity if your contact does not match that specific tent type. Products, blog posts, videos, articles, service pages, and other various types of content may be served up hot and fresh from Google so that will be our last step to identify which keywords we want to target. 

Frequently asked questions about keyword research

We track all your keywords in an easy to read report or can also export and work with csv files that will directly import into Google sheets, microsoft excel, or your spreadsheet application of choice to help sort and filter the data appropriately to make your keyword selections and create your strategy.

local search terms or local keywords are often used by small businesses that have a local service area as a way to narrow the competition. For example, its much easier to rank a website for Richmond plumber than it is to rank a website against ALL of the plumbing companies across the United States.

Google search is constantly changing and that means so is the search volume for your keywords as well as how competitive and relevant the search intent is for each of them. Proper Keyword research services should include a strategy and a way to keep track of how rankings improve over time. We provide monthly reporting services for your keywords in increments of 50 qty.

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