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To assist you in increasing brand exposure and visibility, we distribute your press release to hundreds of reputable media outlets. We offer you access to local, national, and international distribution so that you may tailor your purchase to the proper audience. 

$350 / Submission

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Deliver the Right Message to the Right Audience

Online press release distribution services are among the most valuable pieces of your Richmond SEO campaign. The secret to enhancing your brand’s reputation, gaining media attention, and expanding your internet presence may lie in the creation of a successful press release. You must first find a news angle, though.

For an online press release distribution to be read by the media and your target audience, it must contain fresh information or be otherwise “newsworthy.” That’s why we decided to help our customers develop noteworthy, timely, engaging press releases for their business news and events!

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Catalyst RVA's press release distribution services

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The Investment of a Press Release

The majority of businesses that are engaged in aggressive growth may be too preoccupied or preoccupied to see press releases as an investment in future success. 

An online press release distribution is a fantastic approach to do this if you have many stakeholders in your group, such as partners, prospects, stockholders, and more, who want to be and need to be updated frequently.

Your sales team won’t have to take the time to call each one of them individually to let them know about your advancements this way.

Depending on the distribution channels used and the level of writer selected, the average organization will wind up spending between $500 and $2500 on a press release service

However, at Catalyst RVA we have more affordable options to help retain the benefits without the additional cost adders and extra fees of a traditional press release writing submission website!

Thousands of dollars in coverage from a single press release campaign

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If you play it right, use a online press release distribution service that knows what they’re doing, and focus on the right media outlets, you may very well generate thousands of dollars’ worth of media that may lead to upcoming sales of thousands.

This is significantly more than you would pay for a press release, especially since you will be featured in numerous regional and industry journals that will reach the right audiences.

Of course, you could draught a press release on your own and handle everything. However, it is a better idea to use a specialized service, such as Catalyst RVA’s, to send your press release.

Launch your press release campaign

If you’ve never distributed a press release, you’re undoubtedly concerned about the expense and the amount of labor required and that is where Catalyst RVA can help fill that gap. We have private relationships we can leverage to help get you the best pricing and effective writing to get your business on the map!

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