This ain't your Grandma's SEO website audit

We could perform SEO audits for free like the hundreds of other companies or automated tools in our space. It could be as simple as plugging your website into an audit tool to spit out a report in SEO data gibberish, but that doesn’t really help you in the end does it? At Catalyst RVA your website gets individualized time, attention, and a focused audit explained in a way that you can actually understand.

$250 / Website Audit

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A more effective approach to your SEO audit

We take the time to manually dive into your website to build a understanding of your business for the next steps on how you can start to drive paying customers to your site. Each of our audits includes a list of any technical SEO errors you may have with your website as well as a detailed summary outlining our recommendations through video consultation on how you can improve.

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SEO website audit the Catalyst RVA way

We gather initial information about your brand, your website assets, and how you currently monitor and use the website in your marketing process. 

We will want to know things like, whether are you currently using google analytics to track your conversions as well as if you have Google search console setup so we can leverage those seo tools as well as we analyze your site, and offer ways to improve your pages.

The 10 Point list to make sure your website "checks out"

  1. Mobile user experience
  2. Broken links check
  3. Page speed performance
  4. On page SEO factors
  5. Title tags & meta descriptions
  6. Top keyword group
  7. Sample content audit
  8. Web redirects & internal links
  9. Image issues
  10. Social media channels

What is our next step after an SEO audit?

After your seo website audit you are free to implement the fixes yourself through a web designer you use currently or we would be more than happy to put together a quote based off the seo audit. Additionally, you may choose to use some of our other digital marketing services to boost yourself in the search rankings offerings such as:

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Frequently asked questions about keyword research

We know you have questions, and we would love to answer them but please check below for the fastest answers and we will keep this section updated regularly!

The entire goal of using an SEO audit is to see how well your online presence aligns with known best practices that help you show up in the search engine rankings. If you can align yourself properly than organic traffic will show up to your website each and every month all thanks to those search engines. That means… More brand awareness, more leads on your site, and most importantly more purchase conversions for your business! When done right SEO can drive customers to your business site organically each and every month and can even drive in person conversions.

Our average auditing process costs around $297 depending on the complexity and size of the website we are looking at. This cost may go up or down based off how many pages, the structure of your website, and the ultimate goal of how we plan to use your website. Be sure to sign up below for our newsletter as we sometimes offer site audit promotions.

While the tool isn’t the most important part of the audit we have found success using a software suite Power SEO that allows us to manage your ENTIRE SEO campaign and strategy effectively in one single place. That cost savings is passed along to our clients in our standard pricing structure!

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